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Vehicle BUCKs:  A vehicle buck is a moch up of the actual vehicle for testing purposes. A buck is different from most modern testing because there is no ECU Simulation or Modeling done through software to "fake" tools or other ECUs.  Bucks contain all LIVE ECUs and the vehicle bus and ECUs function just as they would if they were installed in a car.  A buck is really as close as you can get to the actual vehicle in a test environment. For that reason, bucks are more expensive, but offer the most accurate response from functional software tests.  We are able to also represent every possible vehicle configuration  available on a certain vehicle by switching ECUs "On" and "Off" through remote controlled relay systems.  For example, if a vehicle is equipped with a 2.4L engine, but also offered with a 3.4L engine as well, we can test the 2.4L engine, then remove its electrical connection to the buck, and connect the 3.4L engine to test both possible equipment options.  When you can not have 50 test vehicles at your disposal, a buck is truly the next best thing.